The Ampact Team

Ampact is a collective of freelance technical and business consultants with a passion for leveraging technology to create real change in the world. For special projects, we are available as team-for-hire, but even when working independently our clients benefit from the diverse yet overlapping skillsets of the Ampact group.

Derek Hardwick

IT Strategy & Implementation

Agile Project Management

Technical Team Selection

Sustainable Value Chains

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Derek gained technical and strategic experience assisting tech startups with scaling up their operations.  In 2008 he moved to the Netherlands to focus on projects with real impact – endeavors focused on social and sustainable progress, especially those with a large technical component.

Kim van der Leeuw

Impact Business Development

Impact Finance

Product Development & Ownership

Sustainable Value Chains 

With over 10 years experience in as business developer and consultant in the field of renewable energy, carbon markets, forestry, impact finance and social entrepreneurship he worked on projects in over 20 countries. His track record includes making the 2010 world cup in South Africa become climate neutral through LED lighting, developing programs for clean cookstoves in Africa, advising the municipality of Amsterdam on its transition to electric and hydrogen transport, and managing a large safari company’s positive impact activities.

Aike Müller

Business Architechture

IT Strategy

Product Ownership

Risk Management

Aike is a highly effective and experienced professional with passion for impact, innovation, and helping organizations reach their full potential. He is an experienced strategic advisor, product owner, business architecht, and a serial entrepreneur. He has previously developed business models and general strategy for IT ventures in sustainable agri-food value chains.

Nicolas Honing, PhD

IT Strategy & Implementation

Data Visualization & Dashboarding

Machine Learning

Software Development Best Practices

Nicolas is an engineer and data scientist who has spent his career to almost equal parts in academia and commercial web development. He has extensive experience with leveraging machine learning (AI) and large data sets for projects with a positive impact, ranging from creating smarter energy grids to providing technical tools to assist with refugee crises.