Impact Design Sprint

Ampact helps you turn an idea into a working prototype in less than a week.

The Impact Design Sprint

Many non-profits, NGOs, or mission-driven organizations are turning to creative solutions like apps and platforms that increase their impact. Unfortunately, these are often risky and costly endeavors  and are outside the comfort zone of many organizations.

Our Design Sprints are a tried-and-tested process created by silicon valley experts to validate ideas and get technical projects rolling quickly.  We call these “sprints” because we focus on developing a realistic prototype in less than one week, allowing organizations to see what works and have a concrete product to demonstrate to stakeholders. 

Why Sprint?

Building software platforms is a complex endeavor that is usually much broader than simply having an idea and finding someone to build it.  We’ve all heard stories of expensive intranet sites that are barely used, training environments that have more uploads than views, or apps that were commissioned but ended up with little traction.  Sprinting helps build products that people will actually use, by getting user feedback before it’s too late.

Design sprinting brings stakeholders together in a collaborative process that fosters innovation, and simultaneously gives projects alignment and visibility. Ideas come directly from stakeholders (including decision makers), directions can be chosen, and interactive prototypes can be made quickly… all within one week.  These can be immediately tested with target groups to see if they show real promise.

The results of the design sprint and user testing can be used to take the project further by soliciting funding, find development parters, and develop the prototype into a product that can be further iterated and tested.  In this way a small initial investment in a design sprint greatly lowers project risk.

This process is ideal for projects that:

Require speed

Are of high importance

Need stakeholder alignment

Have many possible directions

Are stalled

Have limited budget

Impact Focused

Our sprints are specifically adapted for impactful organizations as we see that these groups face specific challenges with technical projects.  Often these projects need broad-based support, their ‘customers’ or funders are different then the beneficiaries or users of the products, and they cannot afford to make costly mistakes.   Our consultants have extensive experiance in working with non-profits, NGOs, and other mission-driven organizations.

For these organizaitons a design sprint is perfect for aligning stakeholders on a large problem, giving them ownership while discovering and choosing a solution, and allows for direct testing of assumptions with user feedback on a real prototype… all before spending large sums of money and time developing and launching a final product.

The Design Sprint Process

Step 1

Define the Challenge

Map the Problem

Sketch Possible Solutions

Step 2

Decide on a Solution

Create Storyboards

Step 3

Build a Prototype

(with  our Professional Designers)

Step 4

Demo the Solution

Test with Real Users

Sprint Review

About Ampact

Ampact is a collective of freelance technical and business consultants that has helped startups and scale-ups leverage technology for real impact. We understand the challenges that impactful organizations face, and have a proven history with helping them create tools that are used and loved by their customers, beneficiaries, and supporters.  Reach out to see how we can help you!